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Outsoursed IT Solution

  • "Organizations do not outsource to us because they cannot do a task themselves; they outsource to us because they know we would do it better!"
    We have lived up to expectations in the past, we perform our duties dedicatedly in the present and we plan to work harder in the future- That is the sole policy that guides us at iSHA Technology,. iSHA Technology is a name to reckon with, when it comes to providing effective internet solution services. Ranging from web designing to online marketing and from Portal development Market Research, we have accomplished all, with utmost efficiency and paramount effectiveness.
    Why Should Companies Outsource to us?
    To save costs and restructure them by transforming fixed costs to variable costs.
    To improve the quality of content and to enhance the impact on audience.
    To gain a wider access to intellectual property and knowledge base.
    To reduce time consumption and acquire operational expertise.
    To fortify market position by getting hold of the best technology, the best talent and the best Return on Investment (ROI).
    Apart from these, we also provide for capacity management, risk management and commodification services that add on to the results obtained, thereby raising the bar of expectations invariably.
     Modus Operanding-
     When you decide to outsource, you invite supplier proposals and encourage supplier competition. But that is just the initial stage. After the negotiation and contract finalization, the onus to deliver rests with us. Right from transition to transformation and from ongoing service delivery to benchmarking - we handle every step with expertise and proficiency. Our modus operandi further includes-
      We try to completely understand the needs and requirements of your business before giving you the requisite solutions.
      Knowledge & skill coupled with technical know-how is customized as per your necessities.
      There is absolute transparency between our clients and us. We continuously update you on the developments and furnish you the technical data.
    For you, we are always a click of a mouse away. Working, while keeping into consideration our time constraints and unparalleled quality is our specialty.
    For us, there is just one primary focus and one point of attention- 'You'.
     In which areas do we exercise our Expertise?
    Our enthusiastic and committed team at iSHA TECHNOLOGY  manages every outsourced project with vigor and veracity without compromising with excellence and worth. We exercise our expertise in the following arenas-
    Website and database designing.
    Search Engine optimization.
    Portal development and Online Business Promotions.
    Online, E-mail and Newsletter Marketing.
    Web application & Software development.
     Keeping ourselves abreast with the latest technology and trends, we produce results that bear the fruits of our intense labor. It is not us, but it is our results which speak volumes.
    Outsourcing to iSHA TECHNOLOGY  is not just an option now, it is a need- A need that analyzes, informs and delivers. Our Outsourcing Solutions are not just good- They are the best!