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Reliable RD-FD Software for Your Successful Finance Business ..

RD FD Software has modules for super admin, branch, manage agent, customer, accounting reports, document Printing.

Best RD-FD Software Development Company in Noida

RD-FD means recurring deposit and fixed deposit in which a customer deposits amount to particular organization and get sum of amount after a fixed period of time.

In RD (recurring deposit) scheme customer deposits amount to the organization on daily/ weekly or monthly basis and whenever the maturity time period occurs, the depositor gets the deposited amount with interest. In FD (fixed deposit) scheme customer deposits a sum of amount for a fixed time period i.e. for one year, two years, five years or more. When the fixed time period reached, depositor gets the maturity amount with interest. An organization/ company who willing to start RD-FD, Finance Business organization, they cannot manage all the transactions and calculate interest manually. They required RD-FD Software to manage all these transactions like transactional reports, installment dues report, maturity report, customers list and many more reports.

iSHA Technology - RD-FD Software Development Company offers their services to develop RD-FD Software for such organization/ company who willing to start their RD-FD business on small or large scale. RD-FD Software Development Company has developed lots of best featured RD-FD Software for domestic and international companies and providing continuous software support for such companies/ organization.

This RD FD policy has led to the development of many big companies into these credit cooperative organizations that aim to provide various advantages to the user upon investing. The RD FD MIS Software can be used in different kinds of investment and marketing plans that hold numerous types of investments. This means that, companies who provide loans by asking people to deposit money use this form of mini banking service or software. A regular or a recurring deposit is basically a plan for loan provision where the customer is required to pay bills on a periodic basis. Say daily, monthly weekly or even yearly. But a in case of a fixed deposit, the customer is required to pay a large sum of money for a relatively longer and fixed period of time and wait for accumulation of interest.


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RD FD MIS Software
  • RD dues installment reporting.
  • Penalty calculation for delayed depositors.
  • Policy maturity report.
  • Easy procedure to deposit installments in the RD-FD software.
  • Upcoming due installment report.
  • RD-FD desktop application to print bonds, check, passbook for fixed deposit.
  • Installment deposit receipt printing option.
  • Maturity amount issue option.
  • All other reports and features required to manage RD-FD business.