RD-FD MIS Software for Business Organizations

RD-FD stands for recurring deposit and fixed deposit. In these investments, customer deposit some specific amount to an organization and get some amount in return after a fixed time period.
In the RD scheme, customer needs to deposit some amount to the organization on daily, weekly or monthly basis and he gets the deposited amount along with interest at the time of maturity. In FD scheme, customer needs to deposit a sum of amount for a fixed time period, i.e. one year, two years, five years or more. After reaching maturity period, depositor will get maturity amount along with interest.
An organization or a company who wish to initiate RD-FD, they may find themselves unable to manage all the transactions and simultaneously calculate the interest on a manual basis. They need RD-FD software to manage their transactions like installment due reports, transactional reports, maturity report, customer lists, and other reports.
We create RD-FD MIS software for companies willing to initiate their RD-FD business on a small or large scale. We offer RD-FD software with best features for both domestic and international companies. Such software can be used for various sorts of investment and marketing plans which hold various kinds of investments.