Professional Website Maintainance Services

Most organizations are tremendously moving their systems to internet and with search engines providing lots of new business, the investments by any company in their website are increasing daily. We at iSHA strongly believe that even the most well and planned website needs maintenance to ensure the website is up to date to attract its target audience, new changes are updated frequently so that the web site gets noticed periodically by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, new updates are applied for website security, steps are taken to counter hacker attacks and reduce downtime if the site is brought down by any intrusion or attack.
Our website support services are offered under an annual contract payable monthly, at extremely affordable rates. The web-site maintenance contracts allow companies to take care of their most website support requirements at low cost instead of paying third party companies high amounts for any sudden changes required.

Website Maintenance Services include

  • - Bug fixing and problem reporting.
  • - Fast turnaround time for changes.
  • - Complete service solution for your web site.
  • - Bi-Weekly Database Backup and Website backup after any update.
  • - This will ensure we can bring up the website within 24 hours of any failure/hack attack.
  • - Content updates/additions.
  • - Version Upgrades (New versions of CMS, PHP, MySQL and other tools).
  • - Performance Improvements.

To make the work effectively and affordably, we offer customized maintenance service packages to our global clients.

Package Name Hours Price (USD)
Starter 10 100
100 Moderate 30 270
Advanced 60 480
Custom Contact Us for number of hours & the monthly fee.
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